Learn to sell your wholesale deals faster

& for larger assignment fees!

My name is David Olds and I have been investing in real estate for almost 20 years. Since 2002, I have wholesaled over 1,000 properties as well as flipped dozens more and have a portfolio of almost 100 properties of my own. But the most important thing I have learned in all of those years is how to Dispo (sell) my deals faster than anyone else and how to maximize the assignment fees!

Our Inner-Circle Coaching program is the cutting edge way to learn to move deals fast and make the most of your assignment fee.

One thing that we have mastered here at Nationwide Property Liquidators is the ability to sell just about any deal anyplace, no matter what the condition is. Everything from turn-key rentals to tornado ravaged luxury homes! I've built a team based on solid marketing and sales fundamentals that make it happen every day and I can teach you to do the same thing!

Here is what you get when when you sign up to be in the INNER-CIRCLE

  • 6 part course explaining everything you need to understand about how to sell your properties for the highest assignment fees possible

  • 2 monthly zoom calls where we will not only help you overcome the obstacles you are facing today but hold you accountable for growing your business

  • Learn the best ways to do acquisitions marketing so you aren't wasting your time contracting trashy deals that don't sell

  • Where to find the buyers who will pay the most for your deals

  • All of the contracts and forms that you need to wholesale

BONUS #1 - You are going to be invited to my office to come spend the day to learn from my and my team and see what it looks like behind the scenes of a million dollar wholesale company

BONUS #2 - Exclusive invite to our Inner-Circle FB group where we discuss cutting edge investing strategies

BONUS #3 - How would you like a list of the hottest zip codes for your state where flippers and cash buyers are purchasing deals? Done! I'll provide that for you to give you a fast start to closing more deals!

One time

investment of

$5,000 and

$500 per month